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Red Door Advertising | Case Study – You’ve Got Mail
Red Door Advertising is a full-service advertising agency lead by a team with more than 25-years of experience in building brands, strategic planning, and tackling even the toughest website design and development.
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Case Study – You’ve Got Mail

Patriot Fleet Solutions

How do you get information to your customers quickly and where they are going to read them, email of course. Electronic direct mail is an effective method of communication for business to business and consumers alike. When combined with traditional direct mail the results can be as much as 90% more effective!


We send out graphic emails via trade publications to key decision makers to fleet managers, leading with the primary differences between Patriot and their competition. With more than a 30% open rate and 19% click through rate, Patriot was able to get directly to the individuals they needed in order to close more deals.


The email blasts were followed up with a targeted direct mail piece, which has been known to increase effectiveness of a campaign by more than 75%.


Patriot Fleet Solutions generated new leads and new business from the flight.

Patriot Fleet Solutions Direct Mail
Patriot Fleet Solutions Email Blast
Patriot electronic media

Over 30% open rate and 19% click thru, with a message that produced results