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Red Door Advertising | 12 Top TED Talks on Marketing and How They Can Help Your Business
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12 Top TED Talks on Marketing and How They Can Help Your Business

12 Top TED Talks on Marketing and How They Can Help Your Business

In the marketing world, we must continue to learn, be inspired, and remain up to date on design, neuroscience, and technological trends to keep our businesses growing and evolving. Here is a roundup of twelve of the top TED marketing talks from experts around the world.

While a few of these talks are several years old they are still very applicable as good marketing strategies are timeless and can flourish with modern trends. Give your own advertising campaigns a refresher with these thought-provoking ideas and concrete techniques that could revolutionize the way you market to your base—and not only increase revenue but strengthen customer relationships.

1. The Four-Letter Code To Selling Just About Anything
by Derek Thompson

Why do we like what we like? Raymond Loewy, the father of industrial design, had a theory. He was the famous designer of the Coca-Cola fountain; the modern sports car, locomotive, Greyhound bus and tractor; the interior of the first NASA spaceship; and the egg-shaped pencil sharpener. How did he come to understand what consumers wanted from life? His theory of popularity was called MAYA: Most advanced yet acceptable. He said humans are torn between two opposing forces: a love of new things and a fear of anything that’s too new. Loewy believed that “Hits live at the perfect intersection of novelty and familiarity.”

2. How Influencers Have Transformed Modern Marketing
By Rachel David

Influencers are a big part of today’s marketing and have changed how businesses sell products. Rachel David, entrepreneur, and CEO of Hashtag Communications, shows us how influencers are transforming the industry by becoming product celebrities for consumers wanting to buy what influencers recommend.

3. Neuromarketing: The New Science Of Consumer Decisions
by Terry Wu 

How do our brains make buying decisions? What excites us? What makes us buy one product over another? Terry Wu, who holds a Ph.D. in Neuroscience and specializes in how it intersects with marketing, helps companies gain insights into this new neuromarketing area. Dr. Wu helps businesses grow revenues rapidly by guiding their customers to make informed decisions. He shares what neuromarketing is and why it’s critical to understanding how to sell to your customers.  

4. What Will Happen To Marketing In The Age Of AI?
By Jessica Apotheker 

Generative AI is already transforming the workplace, but we still need humans for new ideas, says marketing expert Jessica Apotheker. She explores how marketers can find their niche in AI’s world based on their preference for data or creativity while offering a pragmatic and hopeful look at the future of business.

5. How To Get Your Ideas To Spread
by Seth Godin

Here’s a different take on marketing. In a world of too many choices and too little time, our obvious choice is to ignore the ordinary stuff. Marketing guru Seth Godin spells out why, when it comes to getting our attention, terrible or bizarre ideas are much more successful than boring ones.

6. The Art Of Persuasive Storytelling
by Kelly D. Parker

“Storytelling is one of the most powerful marketing and leadership tools there is,” says communications expert Kelly D. Parker. She explains how stories make proposals of all kinds more memorable—and shows us how you can craft a compelling narrative to connect, persuade, and then drive meaningful action.

7. Bridging the Gap: Personalized Marketing
by Nicole Martin 

Internet privacy is a hot topic in the media, and it can be a scary and overwhelming thought for consumers. Nicole Martin debunks myths around social media marketing and proposes action steps to both consumers and marketers on moving forward in today’s online climate with personalized marketing.

8. Is There A Buy Button In The Brain?
Patrick Renvoise at TEDxBend

Patrick Renvoise, the co-author of “Neuromarketing: Understanding the buy button inside your customer’s brain”, discovered the buy button inside the brain and spent two years researching and formalizing a science-based map to access that button. He shares how big companies want to better understand how and why you decide to buy their products, movie makers want to know what trailer best promotes their films, and politicians want to predict what will make them win or lose your vote—and how they are all looking for answers from your brain.

9. The Creative Power Of Your Intuition
By Bozoma Saint John 

Great ideas are like electricity–they snap into focus and leap from place to place. What’s the best way to grab them? Bozoma Saint John, Chief Marketing Officer at Netflix, makes a compelling case to stop over relying on data when making big decisions and calls on us to tap into the power of our intuition and become creative trailblazers.

10. The Counterintuitive Way To Be More Persuasive
By Niro Sivanathan

What’s the best way to make your point? Organizational psychologist Niro Sivanathan offers an intriguing lesson on the “dilution effect,” a mental quirk that weakens our strongest cases—and reveals why brevity is the definitive soul of persuasion.

11. What Brands Can Learn From Online Dating
By Sarah Willersdorf

On dating sites, research shows that users spend only a few seconds reviewing a profile before swiping left or right. In a generation raised on social media brevity, brand expert Sarah Willersdorf proposes that marketing can learn much from online daters. With the common goal to deliver an emotional response through a carefully crafted first impression, Sarah reviews the three key lessons companies can learn from these experienced self-branders.

12. How Your Brain Responds To Stories And Why They’re Crucial For Leaders
by Karen Eber

How do the world’s best leaders and visionaries earn the trust of employees, consumers, and investors? They don’t just present data they know how to tell great stories—and stories are what drive our world. Leadership consultant Karen Eber demystifies what produces effective storytelling and explains how we all can harness it to create empathy and inspire action.

Staying on top of marketing trends and how consumers make decisions can be powerful knowledge to have in your advertising arsenal—and help you create strategies to connect with your customers again and again.