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Red Door Advertising | Best Commercials from Big Game
The big game brings out the best commercials of the year from some of the biggest advertisers, but which one was the best, the funniest, had the most stars, or made you questions what the advertiser was thinking. This year's big game ads did not disappoint, see which ones were our favorites.
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Best Commercials from the Big Game 2024

For some the commercials make the big game special

Best Commercials from the Big Game 2024

It has become one of the biggest traditions of the year… the big game rolls around and we just can’t wait to see what commercials get laughs, swell emotions, or simply just fall flat. It’s one of those things that we just can’t wait to talk about with our friends and family, and every year there are a handful of stand-out ads that companies spend millions to show. (USA Today notes that just one 30-second ad this year was $7 million dollars!!)

If you are a fan of football, chances are you were dreading this big game like the rest of us… unless of course, you happened to be a 49ers or Chiefs fan, which here at Red Door we can’t imagine. 

This year, as usual, the commercials during the big game created a lot of buzz, but what were some of the best? From our usual heavy-hitters to some new names, let’s take a look at some of our favorites and some of the most successful:

Like a Good Neighbaaa – State Farm

Starring one of the most famous actors and bodybuilders of all time, Arnold Schwarzenegger, nothing makes a good commercial like a celebrity who can laugh at themselves. Featuring the headline “like a good neighbaaa” a play on Arnold’s unique accent on the typical State Farm slogan. It was memorable, funny, and now State Farm will have viewers saying their slogan over and over again as if they were him! It is a genius ad, and one that will continue to grow their brand as one of the most-known insurance agencies in the country.

Mullets – Kawasaki

Talk about creating a commercial that goes right after your target audience! Kawasaki entered the game this year with a brand new commercial all about mullets, advertising their off-road vehicles with the slogan “business in the front, party in the back.” Not only did it feature several glorious mullets, but it also featured WWE superstar “Stone Cold” Steve Austin (who is not known for his glorious hair). A perfect blend of advertising their product while incorporating mullets onto wild animals and WWE superstars, this ad was a slam!

The DunKings – Dunkin 

Every year, Dunkin comes out with a memorable ad as if it’s clockwork at this point! This year they had probably the most star-studded commercial yet. Featuring Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez, Matt Damon, Tom Brady, Jack Harlow, Fat Joe, and more… they must’ve had quite the budget this year! Yet, their high price tag paid off. Everyone was talking about the new Dunkin commercial, with plenty of humor and their logos and colors all over the screen. There was no mistaking what this was a commercial for this year!

Talkin’ Like a Walken – BMW

This must have been the year of celebrities looking at themselves in the mirror and being able to have a chuckle about themselves! Throughout his career, actor Christopher Walken has always had a unique talking style, and it is no secret that many shows and movies have created parodies and jokes about his voice. Walken came to embrace it in this new BMW commercial as it shows him continuing his daily routine in his BMW, taking on several impersonations of his accent from dozens of people. Yet as he does it, you can’t help but be wowed by the interior and sleek look of his car, a great form of subliminal advertising!

Sir Patrick Stewart Throws a Hail Arnold – Paramount+

Perhaps the funniest, yet most strange, awe-inspiring, glorious commercial this year was from Paramount+. Featuring characters from some of their audience’s favorite shows, the commercial features stranded characters in need of a way out. Their only way out? Sir Patrick Stewart needs to throw a football “grappling hook” to the top of Paramount Mountain. The only football available was “Hey Arnold’s” football-shaped head! Following his playbook saying “throw the child”, Stewart throws Hey Arnold while the sweet sounds of Creed play in the background. Just strange enough to get everyone’s attention!

Shop Like a Billionaire – Temu

Now… we aren’t going to say that the several Temu commercials that aired were great ads. However, the sheer fact that they aired at least 3 separate ads during the big game was a big wow to a lot of people! Social media was buzzing about Temu, wondering: where did their budget come from!? So, good commercials or not, they were incredibly successful!

Michael CeraVe – CeraVe Skincare

Last but not least, CeraVe had one of the most creative ads in the past several years of the big game! I don’t know about you, but the majority of the time I look at CeraVe moisturizer, I immediately think of Michael Cera due to the name alone. Well, CeraVe finally took advantage of that opportunity! With Michael Cera giving his very convincing pitch to the CeraVe creatives, this commercial was an instant hit on social media and has gotten everyone talking!

While not every commercial is a winner, this year’s big game featured a large handful of fun, successful, and memorable ads we will be talking about for some time! 

Corporation’s goals of getting people to talk about their products are not easy, and a lot of these take some very creative people to come up with commercials that do well. The only thing I can say sometimes is “why didn’t I think of that!?”