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Red Door Advertising | What Makes 2023's Most Successful Ads So Appealing?
This blog takes a look at the most successful ads of 2023 so far, and why they were so appealing to audience they targeted.
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What Has Made 2023’s Most Successful Ads So Appealing?

What Makes 2023's Most Successful Ads So Appealing

What Has Made 2023’s Most Successful Ads So Appealing?

So far, 2023 has brought viewers many creative and entertaining advertisements that audiences can laugh at, relate to, and be moved by. But what is it about these advertisements that are so appealing to us?

The 2023 Super Bowl featured some innovative advertisements to kick off the year, here are a few that were most prominent…

  • The Farmer’s Dog– This ad takes viewers through the life of a chocolate lab and a young girl. To end the commercial, we see the old dog happily curled up with his now much older owner. This taps into the audience’s emotions and moves viewers as they begin to understand the commercial’s underlying meaning. A good message with a bittersweet ending contributes to the attraction of this advertisement. 
  • PopCorners– This commercial was a spinoff of the increasingly popular television series “Breaking Bad,” the commercial creators inventively aligned their product with a famous segment of the show making them one of the most liked advertisements of the Superbowl this year. The humor presented in this advertisement made it effective in promoting their product since it was largely remembered for its comical disposition and was genuinely enjoyable.
  • He Gets Us– This advertisement stands out from many of its counterparts. Pictures of men and women alike were featured to portray some of the polarization in America. The powerful music and message helped it to largely reach the intended audience. It sparked discussion after its appearance and became popular due to its relevance in today’s society. 
  • T-Mobile– This was a great example of a celebrity-endorsed advertisement as it featured John Travolta, Zach Braff, and Donald Faison. They incorporated a song from the 1978 movie musical Grease, which starred John Travolta. This was a strategy that appealed to older generations especially, as it brought a wave of unexpected nostalgia. With this being said, all ages were entertained, since even younger generations can appreciate a classic American film. In addition, the timing of this advertisement release cleverly commemorated the actress Olivia Newton-John.

Another notable advertisement is one that has recreated such a catchy jingle, it has been hard to get out of our heads:

  • Burger King– The revival of Burger King’s “Whopper Whopper” song (originally released in 1974) appeals to older generations as they are reminded of the earliest commercials that gained popularity equivalent to that of their new release. The bright and eye-catching colors and new and improved lyrics draw in the younger audience as well. This is a commercial revival that we didn’t know we needed, and it was a smart way to bring attention to an already well-known and well-established company.

While this recaps a few of the top commercials of 2023 with the inclusion of a brief outline it is important to know that advertisements can be highly influential and are a powerful tool in boosting the status of a company or product. Good advertisements with great creators behind them know to use strategies such as those highlighted above to receive a desirable response from viewers.