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Red Door Advertising | Five Effective Ways to Use Google Adwords for Buisness
Five ways to effectively use Google Adwords to promote your business, including auto-recommendations, keyword match, and ad quality.
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5 Best Practices for Google Ads

Five best ways to effectively use Google Adwords for business

5 Best Practices for Google Ads

If you’re thinking of spending money on ads to reach your target audience, you’d better be thinking about Google Ads. As the leading search engine in the world, Google Ads has changed the game when it comes to exactly where your business is being seen. With millions of people seeing paid ads on Google daily, it’s an opportunity you shouldn’t miss out on. However, if you’re considering spending any amount of your budget on these ads, but have no idea how they work or what they require, we’re here to guide you through the process with our 5 best practices for Google Ads.

Use Auto-apply Recommendations from the Source

  • When it comes to increasing the effectiveness of an ad campaign, auto-apply recommendations are your best friend. With auto-apply recommendations, you don’t have to waste time researching new extensions and keywords–it’s all done for you with their suggestions. Google’s algorithm often knows what’s best for your ad campaign and will suggest changes that are most qualified for your campaign. While the algorithm is great daily management to adjust manually is still best when possible.

Combine Smart Bidding with broad match

  • Using broad match keywords alone allows us to make offers to users who don’t quite match a keyword exactly. Think about it, do all of your potential customers know exactly what they are looking for if they are already in the search bar of Google? When you combine broad match recommendations with Smart Bidding strategies, it eliminates the need to filter according to match type in order to optimize. This includes the setting of negative key words. For example, if you sell car batteries you don’t want someone looking for rechargeable batteries, so you would probably set that as a negative phrase.

Always Monitor and Improve Your Ad Quality 

  • Making small improvements to your ads, targeting, and bidding can help you reach the top position; you just need to monitor your campaign results to find where optimization will help you. Always make sure that you’re using relevant landing pages and that your target audience will want to click on the page, which Google will take into account as an ad quality factor. This, along with other ad ranking optimizations, will improve campaigns on the SERPs and is an effective way to improve your ad rank without raising your budget. 
  • We all know that metrics are important, but understanding which metrics exactly are important to track on Google Ads allows you to closely discover areas of growth for your campaign and what’s working best. There are two key metrics that you should track regularly in order to make sure your business is profitable over the long run: cost per conversion and lifetime value. These two metrics answers how much a customer spends on average during your relationship and are essential for making sure you have enough money to cover costs while still obtaining new leads.

If you’re looking to keep your Google Ads account successful, there’s no shortage of ways to make sure it stays afloat. With new changes coming from Google rapidly, it’s becoming more important than ever to stay up-to-date on the best practices for managing your Google Ads. Red Door will bring your business through the right PPC strategy and reach the right audience. Give us a call at 215-317-0022 or email today!