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Red Door Advertising | 2021’s Five Most Important Social Media Trends
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2021’s Five Most Important Social Media Trends

Top 5 Social Media Trends for 2021

2021’s Five Most Important Social Media Trends

2021’s Five Most Important Social Media Trends

Recent research by Hootsuite’s global report orchestrated to highlight the top trends impacting brands, surveyed over 11,000 marketers, revealed what new social media trends would affect the way we use social networks in 2021. Hootsuite’s report illuminates the most effective ways to attract new customers in 2021, as well as boost traffic and get leads. By synthesizing information from detailed interviews, published reports, and highly-respected resources, researchers could distinguish the five key social media trends for 2021. 



  • The race to ROI: Social bridges the gap to a new customer experience


In 2021, marketers can still drive quick bursts of ROI from new customers due to social media advertising that has helped keep businesses afloat while facing the hardships of the pandemic. However, it is also important to create online social experiences that help build relationships and brand loyalty. For example, turn inspiration into revenue by using Instagram Live or Pinterest as virtual ‘showrooms’. 



  • Silence is golden: Brands find their place in the conversation


In times of crisis, people turn to social media to distract themselves and stay entertained; sometimes the best thing for a business is to listen instead of talk. Many brands frequently misinterpret new social media trends, which could be why 68% of people don’t think companies share interesting content. In 2021, the smartest thing a business can do is to take the time to understand where they fit into customers’ lives on social media, and find creative ways of fitting into the conversation.



  • Way more than ok: A generation ignored by digital marketers booms online


Many marketers have underestimated the tech-savviness of baby boomers. Since most marketing and advertising professionals fall under the age 40, they can often forget about older generations when creating marketing campaigns. Baby boomers are spending more time online in 2021 and discovering new brands with great help from Facebook. By using social media, digital video, and mobile payments, marketers are uncovering the buying power and social-savvy growth of the boomer generation.



  • Do I know you?: Tying engagement data to identity gives advanced marketers new momentum


In 2020, social channels have gained over 450,000 new users, 12% more than the previous year. As audiences online grow and more people connect with others, it is important to ask yourself how beneficial some connections truly are. To avoid wasting time on engagement that is not really paying off, try to prove that you are reaching and deepening real relationships with customers or potential customers. 



  • The perils (and promise) of purpose: Bold brands start in the boardroom, not the frontlines of social


Consumers are smart – They are not on social media to see brands posting statements, they would rather see if a brand truly works to make the world a better place, and operates according to its values or principles. Establishing your business as a purpose-driven company isn’t something you can fake. Recent years have demonstrated that responding to important issues as if it were a mere social media trend can flip the image of the brand into a hypocritical business, and can severely hurt customer retention. Social media insights can help your brand adapt to new ways of doing business. 


Source: Hootsuite 2021 Social Trends Survey